Online Marketing Lab 2018 – Port Harcourt

This is a step to making your 2018 more awesome, if your goal this new year is to upscale your business, grow your client/customer base, understand more on Digital marketing.
The Online Marketing Lab is a practical hands on workshop where we focus on equipping attendees with digital expertise to transform their business or earn and start careers in the Digital space.
Classes are divided into normal and extended, scroll down to know more, and fill the Pre-register form to sign-up.


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The aim of this lab is to equip participant with practically and applicable strategies for using digital technology to enhance their daily lives and businesses
  • Learn from Basic to a very comfortable level with Digital.

  • Build practical strategies that would make your next year more profitable.

  • Insights to current trends and market data.

  • Exposure to lots of Digital Tools.

  • Hands on, real life sessions with real businesses in focus.

  • Open consultancy spaces ( Business class Only).


Get the edge you've always wanted

We are not just discussing Digital, but this workshop covers business basics that are taught in global incubators & accelerator programs, content you won't find anywhere else

We are covering the basics of brands and brand perceptiond, your brand is way beyond your logo, its what people say about you /your business when you are not there - Jeff Bezos

Data, Trends & Analytics
Data, Trends & Analytics

Understanding what affects today's business, what people are doing, where your customers are and who they are, what they want, and others is the awesomeness of ANALYTICS, and using this can grow you beyond imaginations


The world is moving faster and faster every day, Uber disrupted the Taxi and Transport business, the Internet disrupted newspapers and print businesses. We want to set you up for future events, making you amongst the creators of change in Nigeria/the World.

Business(Lean) Canvas
Business(Lean) Canvas

Most business owners or start-ups don't know what a business framework can do for them, in fact this accounts for 50% of why businesses fail, we would be aiding you build a fireproof framework using the Global Lean Model


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This workshop is not like any other conventional training, we are promising a tactical step by step digital guide with guaranteed results and training materials from Google, Facebook, Hubspot and other industry expert. This is our sure promise that the coming year would be digitally explosive for every participant.

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Regular Class

  • Ideally designed for
  •  Complete Digital Novices
  • Digital marketing enthusiast
  • Beginner/Intermediate Marketers
  • Micro/ small businesses
  • Techies/Developers
  • Students & Youths

Business Class

Ideally designed for
  • Business Owners.
  • Managers/Directors/Executives
  • Intermediate/Pro Marketers
  • Career/Corporate persons
  • Start-ups
  • Business Minded Individuals
  • Investors
  • Developers/Programmers

Live Demo

Ideally designed for
  • Any and Everyone (Optional) who wants to see advertising in action for whatsoever business they please
  • Intro to Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Customer Journey
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook & Twitter Only)
  • Branding
  • Digital Assets Management(Blogging & Vlogging)
  • Building Customer  Personas
  • Marketers Career Options (Creative|Technicals)
  • + All items on Regular Agenda
  • Brand Mission (Golden Circle Framework)
  • Search Advertising (PPC)
  • Understanding Disruption
  • Internet Report Analysis
  • Effective Social Mix (+Instagram & LinkedIn)
  • Understanding Analytics (Basics)
  • Lean Canvas
  • Simple 30 mins  per day live class with guidance on using Power Manager and Ads Managers
  • Using Adwords
  • Live Budget Allocation
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Emergency (24/7)

Sharon: 0815-350-7485
Michelle: 07033632452


Date and Time

Friday 15th and Saturday 16th December 2017.
Regular Class : 10am – 2pm Daily
Business Class 10am – 5pm Daily